real estate sellar services , AZAccord Estate Sales offers a wide range of services both for the Seller and for the Buyer. As much as we would like to help more of our clients, we devised a service template that would both benefit the seller and the buyer. We ensure that there will only be minimal discrepancy for both services as we want our clients to be more than satisfied. Below is an overview of the services we provide for our sellers and buyers.


-When you sell your property, we aim to help you have more profit or revenue that what you are expecting. Sometimes, selling a property is a strategy as an investment. However, this is a stressful process. There are so many things that you have to consider and do before you successfully out your property for other people to buy it.

Accord Estate Sales aim to give you effective marketing strategy that would make your process be more convenient and smooth. We want you to sell your property and assets t a higher price with the best terms you could have. We will help you negotiate with different people so you can both end up with a good deal.


-We know that buying a property is some sort of an investment for other people. We wouldReal Estate Buyer Services also like to help our clients buy their property with less hassle and with convenience. We want to make our clients be stress-free while choosing their desired property. We want them to enjoy and be happy with the process of purchasing a property that can be theirs for a long time. We want to educate them with the risks and benefits of buying a real estate property.

Accord Estate Sales wants to develop a marketing strategy that would be both beneficial for the company and for its clients. We want to assure them that every deal made with us are the best deals they could ever have.