About Us


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Accord Estate Sales is your trusted partner when it comes to selling and buying of your property. We, at Accord Estate Sales, aim to provide our most valued clients with our quality service. We want to lessen their effort and time spent selling their property. Our staff and professional broker and property sellers are trained to work hard in order for the selling and buying of the property have a smooth and convenient process.

As technology keeps on developing, Accord Estate Sales wants to keep up with its advancement. We want to promote the most efficient and convenient ways on how we can close deals and transactions. We aim to find the perfect strategy in searching for the perfect property and selling or purchasing it. Accord Estate Sales promises to keep its clients stress-free when they are releasing their property.

Accord Estate Sales is comprised of the best people and staff in this business industry. We hired skilled professionals whose visions and principles are aligned with the company. With this, we can ensure that there is a harmonious relationship between the company and its staff. It would greatly promote team work and cooperation to provide the best quality service for our clients. Our staff has proven skills in marketing strategies, technology, real estate business and financial complexity. Their skills were used by the company to remain true to its mission which is to promote easy way to buy and sell properties.

We started as a small real estate firm which cater the needs of few individuals. But because of our daily engagements, we are now one of the leading real estate firms trusted by thousands of clients. We are doing our best to reach out to more clients as we continue to expand our mission of helping people decide for their property whether it is a part of their investment or for personal use.